Hermanamiento Martignas

El Proyecto "Hermanamiento Martignas"

Hermanamiento de Ciudadanos, encuentros:

Como alcalde del excmo. ayuntamiento de santa cruz de bezana, siempre he considerado que una prioridad municipal es la atención, promoción de sus valores y orientación educativa y profesional de nuestros jóvenes.Santa cruz de bezana, reúne una serie de características que exigen día a día una especial atención a la población joven. más de 2.500 forman el colectivo estudiantil en los diferentes centros municipales, además de los que acuden a otros de localidades próximas. darles la oportunidad de formarse adecuadamente es un objetivo prioritario, tanto a nivel académico como en la adquisición de valores complementarios, entre los cuales ocupa un lugar destacado la apertura a otras realidades, preferentemente del ámbito europeo.


Desde hace una veintena de años, nuestro municipio, tanto a nivel municipal como en el ámbito educativo, ha establecido una serie de relaciones con otras localidades y en ellas participan numerosas familias y estudiantes.Este precedente ha sido el punto de partida para la elaboración del proyecto smart dialogue, acogiéndonos a la oferta de la unión europea en su programa Europa para los ciudadanos.


The project "Smart Dialogue" was funded with the support o European Union under the Progamme" Europe Citizens"

Action 2.1"Twinning" "Town Twinning Citizens" Meetings"

Participation: The project involved 127 citizens, 57 participants from the municipality of Martignas sur Jalle (France) and 70 participants from the municipality of Santa Cruz de Bezana (Spain).


Location/ Dates: The event took place in Santa Cruz de Bezana (Cantabria, Spain) from October 14tth to 19tth, 2018 (both included).


Short description: 

The main objective of this project is the promotion of mutual cooperation and understanding between pupils of middle and secondary school (13-14 years old students) from Martignans Sur Jalle and from Santa Cruz de Bezana in order to increase youth participation in European decision-making and strengthen their knowledge of Spanish and French cultures and customs through common activities promoting the use of new technologies.


In that sense, during the first day (14/10/2018) was held the welcome ceremony. The local authorities received the French delegation and invited them to a welcome dinner.The second day (15/10/2018) began with the inauguration of "Martignas sur Jalle" classroom located at Bezana’s School where students were be able to exchange their own perception about the EU and their expectations regarding this twinning meeting. Following this activity they have visited the Natural Park of Cabarceno, an emblematic place where they have been in contact with a variety of animal species. In the afternoon the French Delegation attended a concert, after which was the official presentation of "SMART DIALOGUE" project with the participation of the main local and regional authorities.


The third day (16/10/2018) was dedicated to guided visits with focus on innovative strategies and collaborative participation. For instance, they’ve visited the Pronillo Center, Santander Smart City, Aqualia Water Museum, Botín Center and Cantabrian Maritime Museum. The aim of these visits was to show them a variety of initiatives that could serve to put in place common projects. In the afternoon, there were several educational activities, like a workshop about “design of the Project logo". Finally, they’ve attended an institutional reception lead by the Regional Minister of Education, Culture and Sport of the Government of Cantabria and by the Director-General of Youth. At the end of the day there was a twinning meeting which included the taste of typical products from the area.


The fourth day (17/10/2018) was dedicated to promote the role of historical values as key elements of the European citizenship. To better understand this topic, they’ve visited Santillana del Mar, a good example of our regional values. A collective graffiti was made in the access zone to the IES La Marina (high School of Santa Cruz de Bezana municipality). Furthermore, there was a viewing of short videos provided by the European Affairs Office (Europe Direct point). Finally, a New Robotics-Technologies Workshop was carried out, including a round table about “Understanding and adaptation to New Technologies”.


The fifth day (18/10/2018) we organized for them a guided tour of the "Costa Quebrada" and surrounding beaches, which ended with a twinning meal. They had the opportunity to exchange point of views about how important is the environment legal framework and its care in our communities. In the afternoon took place a closing conference about “Europe Strategy 2030” and citizens participation in the future of Europe. Finally, after the Official Ceremony of Oath of Signature City, a great farewell party took place.


Finally, the last day (19/10/2018) was dedicated to return to Martignas sur Jalle. This was only a short-term project. However, we would always keep up the co-operation in future, too.



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